In OSlash, Shortcuts are created and made available to everyone in a workspace. You can create a new Shortcut for everyone to use, create a collection to share with a custom group, or create private Shortcuts meant just for you.

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What happens

Create a new Shortcut

Everyone in your workspace will be able to navigate to the page you’ve OSlashed by typing o/shortcut-name in the address bar of the browser. For example, you & your team would be able to navigate to your insurance page by typing o/insurance in any tab’s address bar

The keywords you’ve used in the Shortcut name and description for the page will be indexed in the OSlash search, making it much easier to reach it intuitively

Create a new private Shortcut

The page you OSlashed will be accessible only by you using the Shortcut name. You will be able to reach the page by typing in o/my/to-do-list

Create a new collection

The collection you created will be accessible to those you share it with. It can be reached by simply typing o/collection-name. A Shortcut within a collection can be reached by using o/collection-name/shortcut-name

If the collection is created using the extension window, then it can be used by everyone in the workspace

Search with keywords


What happens

Press o/ + tab

OSlash launches an Omnibox search. Once you press the tab, you can type in the keyword and OSlash would search for it across all the workspace and your private Shortcuts and their descriptions. As you type, the search would render results closest to the keyword. This way it’s easy to get to a link even without remembering the exact Shortcut

Press o/ + enter

Typing o/ and pressing enter takes the user to the OSlash dashboard. On the dashboard, the user can see a list of all the Shortcuts and collections created in the workspace and take actions such as edit a Shortcut or create one

Press Alt + J (Windows) or Command + J (Mac)

These keys are keyboard shortcuts to power the OSlash launcher that helps users navigate their tabs, history, and Shortcuts easily

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