Creating OSlash Shortcut is super easy!

There are two ways to do that:

  1. Using our Browser Popup

  2. Using OSlash Dashboard -

1. Using our Browser Popup

Make sure you are on the page for which you want to create a Shortcut. You can start by clicking on the OSlash Chrome extension as shown below.

Next, add the Shortcut name and Save. We recommend you pick a short, memorable, and recognizable Shortcut name. A name that your team can easily recall.

It's Optional to add a Description. However, we recommend you add a Description so your team can understand what this Shortcut is about.

By Default, your Shortcut is Public and is available for everyone in the company to access. You can change the access setting by making it Private or creating a Custom Sharing.

🎉 Your Shortcut is now available for your team to access.

2. Using OSlash Dashboard

  1. Use OSlash Application - to create a new shortcut.

  2. Just click the '+' Icon in the right-hand corner to create a Shortcut.

  3. Add Destination URL, Shortcut Name, and Optional Description.

  4. By Default, the Shortcut will be Public to all.

  5. You can change the Access to Private or Custom.

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